I would like to extend a warm welcome to those visiting these pages, be they clients of our Company or first-time visitors with the hope of becoming clients in the future.

In the following pages we will try to provide the most essential information so that anyone can learn about our company, its priorities, services and, concretely, what everyone individual needs to know in order to defend his or her rightful interests.

We are one of the pioneering companies of Spain with worldwide renowned prestige.  From the beginning, our company has had and incorporates the most advanced technology in the wide and complex world of private investigation.

All organizations or professionals know that there does not exist the
possibility of acheiving a level of security without information.  However,
information demands a research program, means for its development, a highly professional staff, and an overall capacity for analysis. Without this, the information lacks validity.

The Client Information Department, as with any of the management members will be pleased to clarify any doubt that can arise from this
Memo.  They will attend to any inquiry for information, in the industrial, financial, commercial, labor or personal areas without any obligation.

I hope that the use of this WebPage will guides each one one of its users to the correct utilization of the services that we offer.